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Did Angela Simmons Catch Sutton Tennyson With Another Man?

Angela Simmons Leaves Sutton Tennyson for New Years

2017 has been filled with it’s share of natural disasters and political scandals. But the year’s end came with another random surprise. It was announced via Instagram that Angela Simmons broke up with, the father of her first and only child, Sutton Tennyson. The young entrepreneur and daughter of Rap legend Reverend Run left a bittersweet note on Instagram.

I truly have seen and been through some stuff that I know tons of women go through. And I speak up to let you know there’s hope. All of those who are single mothers that are hurting that want to give up .. Don’t ! Also don’t stay somewhere that you aren’t valued . And don’t allow anyone to treat you less than what you are.

Angela hinted to signs of infidelity in the post and several other post. But she didn’t reveal with who.

Since Simmons shared with the world pics of Sutton Tennyson, social media began buzzing with questions of his sexuality. There were jokes and some memes made about his “zesty” looks in his public photos. We don’t exactly know why they broke up but we’re pretty sure you guys are about to let your imaginations run wild. Happy New Year!!

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