Jonathan Toews Net Worth 2013

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Jonathan Toews NHL Net Worth in 2013?

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Jonathan Toews is a 25 year old Hockey Center for the Chicago Blackhawks. He was born and raised in Winnipeg Canada. He played two season of Hockey at the University of North Dakota. Opting out of playing for his final two years he was selected third overall draft pick for the NHL in 2006.

Jonathan Toews finals Toews started his professional career with the NHL earning $2.8 million a year which included bonuses from 2007 – 2010. For the following season he signed a 6 year contract worth $31.5 million. On June 24th 2013 Jonathan Toews became the first captain in the 87-year history of the Blackhawks to lift the Stanley Cup twice. The Chicago Blackhawks pulled off perhaps the most improbable comeback in the history of the Stanley Cup finals on Monday night. Trailing the Boston Bruins, 2-1, with 76 seconds left, the Blackhawks erupted for two goals 17 seconds apart to stun the Bruins, 3-2, and win their second Cup in the last four seasons. Following the celebration of Toews bringing the Stanley Cup to his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the province of Manitoba announced that they would be naming a northern lake after Toews in honor of his success

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